2 day workshop – Portrait Painting Workshop

July 18-19 2015

Mile End Gallery – Ame Art
5345 Parc avenue, Montréal


This course explores classical portrait painting fundamentals in a direct and loose approach.  Working with either oil or acrylic paint, students will learn the most effective way to start a portrait beginning with big shapes to establish correct angular proportions, and slowly working towards the finer details and color to create highly accurate portrait paintings.  Understanding light and rendering form will also be a main focus.

Learning to see:  Developing the eye and measuring without the use of tools to develop accurate perception with fundamental techniques will help artists improve their drawing abilities to a high degree of accuracy, no matter what style and methods they wish to pursue.

Day 1  

Alex will begin the course with a 2 hour demo and elaborate in detail on how to properly start a painting using a limited palette.  Once the under painting is completed he will begin adding color using a full palette and elaborate on constructing form and rendering the painting in the Alla Prima method.  After lunch students will paint a portrait from a live model along Alex’s guidelines.

Day 2 

Students will start painting at 10am beginning with small quick gesture sketches using oil paint and focusing on large shapes to develop the eye and warm up.  After the brief warmup, students will start a second portrait painting again from a live model and work on it for the remainder of the day to try to render it as far as possible.


Beginners get an introduction to the fundamental basics of drawing and painting, and the more advanced students will get a thorough review of the fundamentals along with guidance in rendering the final result.  All students will notice immediate results in their artwork.

The course is designed to provide you with the proper instruction to build confidence and mastery over time.  Eventually these techniques will provide you with the tools needed to take on more complex subjects for beginners, and aid the advanced students to push their abilities to higher levels.


Alex Kasyan studied for 7 years under Russian artist Anatoli Burcev and spent a year in New York city studying under Jacob Collins at the Grand Central Academy of Art.   Alex has been teaching drawing and painting courses for over 5 years.  He currently teaches 3 days a week in his private studio.

Alex Kasyan_Mark_2007  Maria_graphite on paper n583700323_2192086_8969 n583700323_2192087_9188 n583700323_2192089_9597 Sarah_oil on canvas_60x30lr



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